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jabeENERGY AB is a Swedish development company. jabeSPINpower, a Run on River energy technology, is based on hydropower. This (RoR) technic  takes its power from  plane running water.          A vertical turbine totally mobile, need no fixed construction like dams and does not interfere with transportation routes nor prevent fish migration.

We call it jabeSPINpower(TM)  jSP(TM)  ]

Our journey began more than 10 years ago with our mother company as a mission with renewable energy on the Shetland Islands, trying to tame the tidal currents and demonstrate the technology.

After years of testing we concluded the specifices for pure running water, in colaboration with Ankar Foundation (ankarstiftelsen.se), focusing on the tests in rivers and creaks for remote areas and as a  humanitarian aid.

Feasibility studies

Since 2012 we together with our mother company hold the patent and up to now the project is self-financed.

As a co-mission from the Ankar fundation (ankarstiftelsen.se) a NGO in Sweden who the last 20 year built more than 200 schools in the Colombia, PERU and Brazil Amazonas  area. we been asked about the possible to adopt this technic for gaining electricity from Amazons river.

Technical conditions : 

Comparing the Amazon river water flow 1-3 m3/sek  and more than 200 000 m3/s. with a Swedish river (Göta-älv) with a running speed of 0,8-1,2 m/s and a normal water flow of 500 m3/s.

jSP(TM)  prototypes been tested in more than 10 rivers/creeks in Sweden with a very positive result.

jSP(TM) have proved to produce more than 10 MWh/year, depending on the circumstances.

Powering Amazonas river Colombia,Peru and Brazil.

a feasibility studies Status:

DEMO,  Colombia Amazonas River,  Leticia

jSP(TM) have during 6 years together, with Swedish collages in place, tested the possibilities of Amazons Rivers. and the last 2 years we have a DEMO unit in place for validations of the technic.

jSP(TM)  is placed in the Amazonas river where we demonstrated for the Governor at the state Amazonas in Colombia. We have then by o letter of intend and later been asked for a first quote to delivering 40

jSP(TM) units and taking part in the Colombia national funded project. Increase the living condition in the State of Amazonas to electrify more than 200 remote (OFF-GRID) schools and villages.


jabeEnergy AB©2012.

Bert Berntsson Funder/CEO and

Claes I Helgesson /Prof… /CTO

developed the patented.

Today the management team consist of 8 people with adequate skills.


The future of renewable energy.

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