Fossil Free Ecological Energy

Generating ecologic power from streaming water is a new science developed by jabe Energy. This unique technology is patented 2016.

Jabe Hydro Stream Power (JHSP) has in over 10 years developed at technic where we can generate safe and smart energy – at lowest cost. JHSP is not dependent on wind, sun or artifical water streams. Instead JHSP use the natural water stream that is more or less constant. Our energy production is in harmony with nature, not disturbing the ecological fauna, we call it Ecologic Energy Production.

The technology behind JHSP is safe, scaleable, simple and the production cost of an unite is low – the lowest in market compare to the energy production.

Tailer made

Our solution comes in Small, Medium & Large sizes.


Large scale energy production

The strenght in our technology safe and reliable energy, all day around.

Unlimited possibillities

Contact us for a short presentation and we will explain all the advantages jabe Hydro Stream Power offer.

Easy as a

jabe Hydro Stream Power provides unlimited advantages. With safe, predictable energy delivery – at lowest cost. Easy as a bicycle.

Effective & ecologic – to lowest cost

Advantages with our technology

 Requires no dams or solid constructions

 Mobile, no fixed facilities

 Does not affect the wild life or plants in the water (fulfills the Swedish  Environmental Code)

 Works 24hours / 365 days per year

 With right circumstances one unit will produce >10 000 kWh per year ⮚ Multiple Power Rigs per location possible

 Small-scale, locally production

 Suitable for local manufacture (license)

 Low investment costs

 And practical no running cost

 Low maintenance cost

totaly off-grid


Significant environmental benefits when diesel generators and other fossil fuels are replaced.

Mobile with no fixed facilities. Does not affect the wild life or plants in the water.

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